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IT Consultancy Services

SSEL is in the field of application software development for more than 2 decades.

SSEL IT consultants has rich experience in

Requirement gathering

Requirement analysis

Requirement documentation and presentation

Software design and design approval

Software development

Software testing before deployment and software approval

Software deployment

Software end user training

Software services on post deployment

Software maintenance

Identification and suggestion of right hardware like Server, Client PCs, printers, networking, internet, intranet and etc.,



Enabling IT to your company as a fresh with meaningful computerization. Assuming that your company is not at all exposed for IT. Your company some PCs with OS and Printers. Your company staffs used them to prepare necessary reports with use of spreadsheets/document writer software. Your company is not placed with application software and database. In such a situation, SSEL IT consultants could help your company to enable meaningfully IT to your company starting from scratch for right Hardware, networking, application software and staff training and etc.,


Gap Analysis: Your company is having installed Servers, PCs, Printers, Networking, Internet and etc., OS and application software and etc., it means IT is placed for your company. Yet the company management is not satisfied with the statements submitted to them, management is not satisfied with the information submitted to them, management is not satisfied due to the delay in getting the statement / reports / information, management upset when the staff used to say ‘sir this statement / report is not possible through this software’, management is not interested to see excel generated reports while application software are available to the company and etc.,

To avoid these ‘not satisfied status’ when IT is already available to your company, your company is greatly in need of ‘Gap Analysis’. SSEL IT consultants with their commendable experience can study your company real situation in terms of actual IT requirements Vs. available IT facilities at your company. SSEL IT consultants could suggest:

Negativity available in the present IT facility at your company

Verify and identify the Data integration requirement between the functional areas

Verify and identify the end user’s IT knowledge and skill to use the facility available

Software system changes required or re-arrangement required to your company

Software system to be added to your company


Change Management: To prepare your company staffs to understand, accept and adapt to the new business environment which is IT enabled with appropriate ERP software (that is fully Computerized) from the existing business environment (not computerized).

Business Process Reengineering, Change in business process flow, change in work flow and change in data / information flow and etc., are part of this Change Management programme.


To enable ‘cloud computing’ to your company. SSEL IT consultants could help your company to implement a fresh ‘cloud computing’ solution to your company. SSEL IT consultants could help your company to migrate from existing ‘Client/Server’ technology to ‘Web Server’ technology on cloud. SSEL IT consultants could help your company to retain the existing ‘Client/Server’ technology and upgrade to ‘Web Server’ technology on cloud.

‘Cloud’ is the future business mantra. But, ‘how secure is your business data’ is very important to your business and to your business sustainability.

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Software Development services

SSEL as a company is well known for ‘Industry specific ERP Software’ product development in India.

SSEL software products and ERP software are deployed to more than200 business establishments in India over the last 20+ years and to some companies in other countries.


SpinERP – Spinning Mills manufacturing ERP software

LoomERP – Weaving Mills manufacturing ERP software

GarERP – Knitting and Garments manufacturing ERP software

SocksERP – Socks manufacturing ERP software

ProHouseERP – Process (Dye) House Management ERP software

These above ERP software are well received by industry leaders for their business use.


Transport and Parcel Management

College compus – College Management

Hospital Administration Management

TeaPack for a Tea Packaging company

Yarntrade, for a yarn trading company

SSEL is a multi-domain expert and is capable of understanding any complex business process. SSEL cross domain expertise will promptly advise for an easy to use IT solution to any company’s complex business process.

With a complete trust, one of our customer - southindia based parcel operating major having office in 10 different locations, 600 transporting vehicles and 1000s of parcel booking offices across south India entrusted their computerization work to us. We took about 90 man months to successfully implement the project from parcel booking point for weigh bill, material inward to branches from parcel booking offices, parcel loading, parcel unloading, parcel delivery, parcel unclaimed, Damage claim, Vehicle maintenance and management with fuel efficiency, Driver management, load men management, HR. Salary & wages to financial accounting then MIS. Like this company, we have successfully completed many more turnkey software projects within estimated budget cost and on time.

For any of your software requirement, if the development work given to SSEL, we are very much committed to see your requirement is fully satisfied for you. We study or we learn from you and we mix our expertise and we deliver anunique software solution as the best fit for your company. Our never compromised exclusive post delivery service team will be with your company to see that the deployed solution is best used by your company end user team. This all will happen to your company within the budgeted cost, on-time delivery and implementation but with flexible committed services from SSEL service team.

For companies outside India, SSEL is a trustworthy partner for project development. . By having a business association with SSEL, you could feel that your company itself in India for your work. Honesty with high level ethics in business is truly followed by SSEL.

“SSEL marketing team used to hear from many prospects that they lost money due to ‘mismatch of requirement and supply’. Money invested company has regrets and they hesitated to invest again for new development”.

But, your investment for your software development with SSELis ever protected and no regrets.

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Software Maintenance Service

Why a company need Software Maintenance Service!

IT infrastructure to a company is a collection of Server(s), Client user PCs, Printers, Operating System software, Application system software, networking devices and much more and these all items are wired or wirelessly connected for connectivity between them. Moreover, stable electricity power is need to operate these items.

If application software is available as part of IT infrastructure, the software might have been purchased from single supplier or from multiple supplier. Single software supplier is safe for any company. But, the situation for multiple software suppliers may not be avoided to a company. For an example, when the company opted for biometric attendance recording system, naturally, the hardware supplier bound to supply the basic software along with biometric hardware to download daily attendance data to your selected PC. The HR, Salary and wage preparation application software may available from the same biometric vendor or your company might opt for another software supplier for this purposes.

Any standard software mostly may not directly fit to your company business practices. The standard software need to be customized for the purpose of fixing it to exactly suit to your company. If any small omissions and commissions left in the customization process will be known to the software developer only when such point disturbs the real time user and if the performance of the software affected.

Though your company employs a qualified IT staff to manage the entire IT infrastructure to your company, that IT staff is in need of outside support when a complicated problem arises in the hardware setup or any problem reported by the software user group.

Anything goes wrong in power connectivity or anything goes wrong in the networking connectivity (even a loose contact in the Ethernet cable connection to PC or any other loose connectivity) or any wrong operation committed to the PC by the user group or for any other reason, if the PC opened and software is not opened, at 1st level, the software user used to register the problem as a software problem only (though it is not the case for many of the user group problems).

Most of these problems will be known to the user only when the user is trying to open software for use.

User group used to say, “Sir, yesterday everything was working well. Today, when I tried to open software, it is not opening sir”.

Infrastructure disturbance: If any major problem to Data Server or other item in the IT infrastructure, it may attract a fresh installation of all resources including software.

Infrastructure upgrades: When your company upgrades your PC components or change OS or change any other connected devices to your PC, in some cases, software may not be compatible to accept the change. A software fixture may be necessary to move with the changes last happened to your PC.

Software perfection: If software newly developed for your company or if standard software customized for your company, the software need to be tuned for a period of time to make software a perfect fit for your company.

Business rules: If the business rules changed to your company, accordingly software is to be changed. Even some time, Govt. business policy changes may force to have changes in software.

There are some situations that we can’t predict before it happen to your company IT infrastructure that would fail your company to make use of the software.

With software service arrangement This is a good investment and the hasslesin making use of the software are removed.



SSEL can maintain the software supplied by SSEL


If your company has developed ‘own software’ with internal team of professionals and the team is not currently available to your company, SSEL can study the software availability at your company for its maintainability. If SSEL found satisfactory for maintainability, SSEL could help your company for software maintenance services.


If your company is using third party developed software, SSEL can study the software availability at your company for its maintainability and legalities. If SSEL found satisfactory for maintainability, SSEL could help your company for software maintenance services

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Contract staffing services

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Data Migration services

Data migration is a key component when a company is moving to new or upgraded system from old system.


Manual records


Text files

Image files

Dbase / Foxpro database

MS Access






Sybase or etc.,



Is it necessary to take old system data to new system?


If yes, all data necessarily to be taken or partial data to be taken from old system?


If partial, which part of the data to be taken?


Either total or partial data, will old data specification match to new system specification requirement?


If not matching, how to prepare old data specification to match new data specification requirement?


What age data to be taken from old to new system?


Volume of data directly plays to system performance and data migration cost


So how to achieve the task of data migration?

Manually by using internal company resources

Manually though external company resources

Write program by using internal company resources

Write program by engaging external company resources

Or combination of internal resources and external resources


SSEL will first study and understand the new system data requirement. SSEL will then study the old system data.

SSEL will analyze the old data suitability to new system data requirement

SSEL will derive a data migration solution to migrate data from old to new system.


Manual data entry if and where it is necessary

Prepare old data structures to suits new system

Import / export data tools or data quires

Write suitable Data migration software program

Finally, SSEL will verify and confirm the migrated data to new system

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Web Development services

To locate a person on this world, we need minimum information of Door No., Street Name, Locality Name, Village / City Name, Province / State Name and Country Name with Pin Code. Similar information is required to find a company’s whereabouts.For today’s borderless competitive business world, web address is also needed as its 2ndaddressfinder but it is the prime address identifier for every business.

SSEL qualified experienced designers has built and hosted many beautiful websites, both statics and dynamics. Before and after hosting, every site is tested /verified for its pages minimum loading time, visual look and appearance on various Browsers, desired color coding, and pages are updated according to the feedback system received for the site.


Domain Name Registration

Website Design (new) / Redesign (old site can be rearranged for today’s taste and technology)

Hosting services (Uploading to web server and etc.,)

Website maintenance (customization of website as per company’s change policy, updating the revised pages to webserver and etc.,)

Logo Design


Ecommerce business website design, hosting and maintenance





Java and JavaScript




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