ERP software for Spinning Mills cost estimation is available in SpinERP, a textile ERP from SSEL. Your company may spin 100% cotton or blended or Open End yarn with or without the valued added process of doubling, singeing, mercerizing and etc., For every new count to produce, it is important to know conversion cost and so the contribution factor before commercially manufacturing the product.

In fact, a fast moving count in the market may be profitable to one mill and may not be profitable to another mill. This difference is mainly because of raw material rate, salary, wages and work load layout, machinery conditions & modernization level (if it is old mill) attached to machine performance and productivity, power utilization factor, administrative set-up and Over Heads. Hence before considering a product for commercial production though it is wanted in the market, the company must evaluate whether the count is profitable or not to their cost factors.

A negative contributing item could be arranged to positive money yielding through:

Maximization of production planning and machine scheduling

Effective management of raw material mixing cost

Fixing and rightly altering the production parameters to each process for highest possible productivity

Applying control measures on every purchase of stores, spares, packing material and company expenditure

Maintaining maximum machine utilization and correct power factor

Monitoring to allow less waste

Optimum allocation of operator work load and labour compliments

Rigorous quality policy and practice

Healthy use of executive setup and its reduced rate per spindle

In spinning mills, the process of calculating the various cost factors for a product is very complicated and tedious. Most factories apply thump rule and the result is not error free.

Spinning mills ERP software from SSEL is designed a valuable yet simple to use software module to care this subject and supply contribution factor for any targeted product before manufacturing it. The calculative method is very scientific. It can be played like a game to turn any negative factors to positive by adjusting the parameters suitably.

Experienced SSEL consultants designed and applied industry useful reporting system to understand, compare, modify and decide for a profitable product mix to boost profits.

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