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ERP Software and Electronic Data Automation (EDA)

Electronic devices are integral part of today’s business. There are numerous companies produces biometric attendance machine, weigh scale, Bar code reader and printer, measurement devices, quality study equipment, electromagnetic smart cards, RFID and so on for business use. Most of these items receive / capture data and store with its fixed memory temporarily or permanently for a period.

If electronic devices data are directly transferred to ERP software will eliminate:

Manual data preparation at source point

Manual data entry to software

Human error at data preparation level and entry point

Reconciliation process to tally data between source data and input to software

Additional benefits:

Electronic Data Automation along with software will make ease of work to the connected staffs.

Data preparation and entry now combined as a single work, so 50% time saved for staffs.

Staff’s ‘feel good factor’ will be increased on the job.

As data are directly recorded to software, the reports / MIS statements are trust worthy.

The reports / statements are immediate, error free and there is no need to verify accuracy of source data.

Weight Management

Any manufacturing company / Industry have the practice of weighing inward material or outward material may use electronic weigh scale nowadays. These latest electronic weigh scale machines mostly have the facility of RS232 communication port. Proper software application can be developed to receive data from these types of weigh scales. The received data can be displayed for operator verification and acceptance of data. Further the data can be stored for appropriate software module directly.

Stock and Point of Sales (POS) Management

Bar code printer and bar code reader are very much helpful in managing stocks. The Bar coded label can be a combination of essential information like company name, logo, item name, manufacturing date / stock received date, weight, cost and etc.,

Proper software connected with barcode printer and bar code reader will print label and will read label info. Additionally and importantly, the software will adjust stocks according to label print and label read.

Handling of stock is very easy for storing, identifying and delivery. Obsoleteness avoided.

Order Booking Management

For a manufacturing company, production planning and capacity utilization are prime task. To schedule or to reschedule a production planning, new order information is greatly wanted.>

In present times, hand held devices with software application or Mobile Apps or SMS is used by sales executives to record their sales confirmation.

When ERP software integrated for sales confirmation directly from sale’s executive used devices, the company can easily manage order booking and production planning without time lapse for want of new order info.

Man Power and Attendance Management

Even from tiny company to corporate company, electronic attendance devices (like Biometric Finger Print, Face reader, Palm reader or Smart Cards and etc.,) are used to register staffs / workmen office incoming time and office outgoing time.

It is necessary to have software to maintain paid leave and absenteeism of staffs along with weekly off and holidays.

If Payroll software module connected to attendance data, huge data entry work can be eliminated. Salary / wage preparation of the month is easier, faster and accurate.

Machine Run Time / Stop Time Management

Electronic devices are used for:

Record machine’s uptime / off time

Measure length

Calculate flow of liquid

Count Electricity usage

Like above, electronic devices are available in plenty to facilitate most business situations. Together with proper data automation software, it will totally eliminate manual data collection.

SSEL is expert in integrating ERP software with third party device

We have helped many companies to integrate ERP software with

Biometric attendance devices

Weight management

Quality study equipment

Production data automaton machine

Bar Code

For any data automation requirement, SSEL can undertake feasibility study and advice for a reliable software solution.

To enable Electronic Data Automation with ERP contact SSEL

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